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The following isn’t scientifically backed up or anything, but it’s a list I’ve composed from various websites whose source I’ll put at the bottom!

Natural Disasters: Since the weather is unpredictable it’s said to represent the stress and anxiety in the person’s life

Seeing the dead: A reflection of an inability to let go

Missing important events: Anxiety about failing and not meeting expectation 

Naked: Person may suffer from self-image issues and low self-esteem issues

Teeth falling out: Inner turmoil on being judged by others based on physical appearance

Injuries: Feeling vulnerable in a part of your life

Partner leaving: Dread of being alone, being not good enough for the partner

Being trapped: Unable to get out of current situation (dead end job, negative relationship)

Falling: The feeling that one is unable to control a certain aspect of their life

Being chased/attacked: Being afraid to confront something in your life

Technology malfunction: Such as a phone not working, represents failing to reach out to someone on an emotional level

I got these from listverse and howstuffworks

Teeth falling out/rotting can also be indicative of stress and anxiety! Nakedness also indicates vulnerability the person doesn’t want to feel. Also, a couple of others I’ve been asked about that have been missed:

Being killed: It’s not actually impossible to die in dreams, despite what everyone says. Represents feeling disappointed and acting in a way that’s not compatible with your feelings (i.e., doing something you don’t want to do just to keep others happy).

Dog attacks: Someone you thought to be loyal is against you or plans to betray you. Represents a friend or friends you shouldn’t trust, especially if the dog is black.

Fire: To dream you are burning means your temper is getting out of control. If a house is on fire, it’s symbolic of needing a change; if you are trapped in a burning house, it represents you feeling insecure about your ability to make changes. To dream you are setting something or someone alight means you are struggling with anger.

Drowning: Dreaming that you are drowning means you are being overwhelmed by emotions, and need to take things slower and more carefully.

Being inexplicably hated or disliked: Hate in dreams represents repressed aggression and fear of confrontation. To dream you are hated by people who should love you indicates worry that you’ve done something to upset or hurt them, or guilt over actions or words that haven’t been resolved yet. It can also be a sign of insecurity over how important you are to others.

Thanks for making this more awesome :)

I think I had all of these in last night’s nightmare alone.


Some hand references.

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June 19, 2014: 24-year-old retired Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter, who lost an eye after taking a grenade blast in Afghanistan to save a fellow Marine, received the Medal of Honor (the nation’s highest military honor.)

Carpenter required almost 40 surgeries and multiple skin grafts, President Obama said, leaving him with a prosthetic eye, a new jaw and teeth, and “one hell of a smile.”

But really, his smile is on point. In love


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